I begin with definitions of CE created by companies and then proceed with the definitions offered by individual thinkers, mostly leading web analyticians or digital marketers.





Future Now


Time spent: The following two companies use a single metric, ‘time spent’, to measure ‘engagement’.



I felt it was necessary to read all of these in order to get a rough idea about how this metric works, what its components are and how they are defined.


Jim Novo

Definition of CE from within a web analytics perspective

You can download Jim’s series of posts on the subject in MS Word (656KB) format here.

Eric Peterson

Definition of CE from within a web analytics perspective

Jeremiah Owyang

Definition of CE from within a web analytics perspective

See all of Jeremiah’s posts on the subject of customer engagement and social media measurement in the appendix at the bottom of this page.

Ron Shevlin

Ron provides with a general definition of CE that can be applied to online and offline marketing. He approaches CE from a customer behaviour perspective i.e. what it means for an individual customer to be engaged.

  • Engagement Myopia – 2 January 2007
    Ron gives his definition of CE and argues against ARF’s overly general definition.
  • Denigrating Customer Engagement – 15 July 2007
    Ron argues against a narrow definition of CE as ‘time spent viewing an ad’.

Steve Jackson

  • Measuring Online Engagement Re-visited and introducing the REAN model
    Very interesting post examining the REAN model of engagement. REAN is a novel approach to customer engagement, in that it that it is explicitly designed to help with the planning of measurement frameworks around the lifecycle of customer interaction from acquisition to retention. In the comments, Steve discusses the relationship of REAN to Eric Peterson’s synthetic metric (and therefore to synthetic metrics of engagement in general.)

Theo Papadakis


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